The Link Up EP

by Warren-D

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Official EP from Warren-D featuring production from local beat-makers Optimum Design, Kreacha & J.Spekz.


released April 7, 2014

Executive Producer: D.Warren
All Lyrics Written by D.Warren
All Tracks Mixed by LeeN of NLT Productions (except tracks 1 & 6; Mixed by J.Spekz)
All Tracks Mastered by LeeN of NLT Productions


all rights reserved



Warren-D London, UK

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Track Name: Link Up (ft J.Spekz) [prod. by J.Spekz]
What you know about?
What you know about?
What you know about?
What you know about?
What you know about?
What you know about?
What you know about?
What you know about?
What you know about a UB link up?
West London girls put your drinks up,
What you know about a UB smash?
Look Warren-D, J.Hobbs on a track,

Word on the street this guy got mad at me,
He’s just a job seeker, aint got a salary,
Shit got deep, I called in the cavalry,
Don’t be pissed that your wifey’s a fan of me,
I left school, music got deep,
Used to be MA, now man are OD,
You done already know SM is the team,
Hear me now, FBS we a scream,
When I say SMOKE, you know it’s no joke,
M.A.C pass the rum, cah man a nuh toke,
Remember the screams of the gyal mi a poke,
See mi inna rave where di gyal a get low,
Dark and swift I’m a microphone ninja,
Flow with pace I’m a lyrical sprinter,
Stella punchlines I’m a waveform beater,
Your CD’s shit without a Warren-D feature,
Hah, sick lyrical creature,
Your times up, pay at the meter,
Like Romeo I just want to go deeper,
Remember back when I blew my first speaker,
Late night tweeter, mobile beeper,
Buff gyal seeker, lyrically deeper,
MC neater, grime scene teacher,
Murkage feature, west side leader,
Nice to meet ya, nice when I greet ya,
No holding back on the mic I’m a beat ya,
Illmatic you can’t have a feature,
You done know that its deeper,
When I’m spitting a rhythm I’m lyrically killing them,
Physically ripping them, manor man are like,
Oh my days! Trust..
Warren-D gets deeper hah!

What you know about a UB link up?
West London girls put your drinks up
What you know about a UB smash?
Look Warren-D, J.Hobbs on a track.

See I come too blazing,
You know me I put the work in blatant,
I’m from the west-end side of the borough,
Where the man them buck shots late and,
We don’t step too far from the pavement,
We got a head and a heart full of hate and,
Tell me why they wanna rate on a pagan,
We about them O’s, I lay them,
See I’m smashing a track up,
I tell a badman straight up, back up,
We about this scene now brother,
Run around with a spray can tag up,
I tell a badman straight man up,
You better come back hard and, plan up,
Cos I’ll lick man’s head top straight off,
And tell a badman gwan then stand up,
Going in hard there’s no consequence,
You man are stuck but I jumped the fence,
Out for the pounds, yo fuck the pence,
If you don’t squeeze then fuck the leng,
Yo, someone just pass me a pen,
Watch how we’re going on murky again,
That’s how I like it, vermin again,
Back with the bars, know you heard me again,
See I’m going on weighty,
Going on fuckries, eff you pay me,
They can’t say I don’t do this thing,
I been a star from nineteen eighty-eight,
See I’m going on weighty,
Going on fuckries, eff you pay me,
They can’t say I don’t do this thing,
I been a star from nineteen eighty-eight,

What you know about a UB link up?
West London girls put your drinks up
What you know about a UB smash?
Look Warren-D, J.Hobbs on a track.
Track Name: Chat Like That [prod. by Kreacha]
Too much negative energy,
I let it ring off when these girls start belling me,
Ain’t buying the bullshit you’re selling me,
I’m listening but I don’t hear what you’re telling me,
Sorry, what?! You thought that I cared?
Man I don’t give a fuck like a celibate breh,
In my element here, flows still the wickedest,
Spitting this, fakes still wish they could mimic this,
Mirror this, nah you can’t do that,
Upping the levels with every new track,
I’m back like I’ve been here,
You’re outside, only real guys in here,
Man I pounce on the mic and it’s clear,
OD are bringing you the sound of the year,
Warren-D and Kreacha we appear,
Like the reaper, here to claim your soul through your ear,
Man I swear they want to hold me back,
Origami flow stays folding a track,
Nagasaki punchlines low to your back,
My ninja unit is known to attack,
Yeah with this I’m taking it back,
To when I said I’d put UB on the map,
People ask me if I still rap,
I’m addicted cos I’m still crack on a track,
And I still got bars, the pads are stacked,
Wizzle and Prov, yeah the lads are back,
Still flow pro, still deep on a track,
Still flipping them quick sixteens on a track,
We’re OD yeah this cats know,
You’ll feel the bass cos its that low,
Rep the clique on my Jack Jones,
Fire on the mic yeah I’m that bloke,

Warren-D and Kreacha on the attack,
We’re bringing that heat you know we’re fire on a track,
These guys didn’t want to try it way back,
So I don’t know why now they want to chat like that,

Back on the mic with the wordplay,
Test OD and we’ll make it your worst day,
Actually it’s more serious,
If you fuck with us you’ll be left in a hearse mate,
Hah, see my flows still the wickedest,
Spitting this like it was a lyrical syllabus,
Them nuh really wanna ramp with the lyricist,
But I know why them man wanna mirror this,
Hah, Cos the flows so deep,
Yeah, And your flows so peak,
You’ll be looking like a polo geek,
How u gwan test with a flow so weak?
Everybody knows we’re OD,
Dan, Ed, Eisen and me,
Don’t forget Kreacha on the beat,
You done already know I bring the lyrical treat,
Now it’s time we go deeper,
Hear the realness blast out the speaker,
Said you’re making moves but we can’t see ya,
And no, you cannot have a feature,
Hah, I don’t know why you want to chat,
Back chat get clapped with a black bat,
You didn’t really want to test way back,
And now you want to hate on an OD track?
Fall back cos we don’t play that,
Pop tunes, nah we nuh mek dat,
Mad deep, yeah we done been that,
Don’t rate cos your tunes soft like a bean bag,
Now you want to step and talk that smack,
You’ll get slapped if you don’t fall back,
I’ve been running more than a full back,
Cos I hold the future like my ball sack,



What you know about a UB link up?
West London girls put your drinks up,
Now what you know about a UB smash?
Warren-D on a kill a man track,
Said what you know about a UB link up?
West London girls put your drinks up,
Said what you know about a UB smash?
Local producers on every track.
Track Name: No Stoppin Me [prod. by Optimum Design]
No there’s no stopping me,
Nah you don’t really wanna test Warren-D,
Cos when I spit, I do this properly,
Pied Piper flex, man just follow me,

There’s no stopping me, runaway train,
Basically you don’t wanna get in my way,
On any given day, I’m a boss,
And I'm gonna finish at the top at all costs,
Arm and a leg, even a life,
Deep thoughts like can a wrong ever be right?
They make up morals to keep us down,
Through history they have beat us down,
So come on, beat us now,
Never caught slipping with my feet up now,
Still working on my deeper sound,
You know I get down with my deeper sound,
Warren-D, the talk don’t bother me,
I don’t beg a G, just say what I be,
You see what you get, my heart’s on my sleeve,
Put my mind and my soul on a mp3.


Your time is up, so don’t ride your luck,
The sharpest of wits will quick slice your gut,
No empty threats about knifing you up,
You talk about riches you aint gonna touch,
Move from me, bun the hype,
You wasted your set, yeah come pass the mic,
See that there, the crowd just got live,
That’s how you know a real MC’s inside,
And I rep for my people,
Spreading the love, to overcome evil,
Speaking the truth to fight what they teach you,
I'm treading a path far from where they lead you,
Warren-D, the talk don’t bother me,
I don’t beg a G, just say what I be,
You see what you get, my heart’s on my sleeve,
Put my mind and my soul on a mp3.

Track Name: Ramp With My Crew [prod. by Kreacha]
There’s no introduction needed,
Cos you know Warren-D is still the deepest,
Yeah and Kreacha keeps the beats sick,
The Link Up...

OD put the bass in overdrive,
I bring the best of both worlds like a Hovis slice,
Life is a game let’s roll the dice,
I’m causing a scare like a poltergeist,
The Uxbridge boys were prone to fight,
Outside Liquid with the poser types,
Keys in my hand and I’m holding tight,
Just in case I’ve got to swing blows tonight, but...

You cannot ramp with my crew,
You cannot roll with my dudes,
You cannot ramp with my crew,
SM and my boys OD too,

Yeah we’re on that ninja talk,
Always backed up where my ninjas walk,
And we will rain down with ninja swords,
Have a soft boy screaming save me lord,
We’re some LDN giants, always vibrant,
And we’re stomping through the scene like tyrants,
Yeah I will bite a breddah like Tyson,
Push me? Nah you don’t want to try son,
And I’m still too hype,
Drinking too much, craving a next high,
See my people pop Mandy to get by,
Cutting those shapes, sweating through the night,
But I want to cut cheques,
Walk pon road in some custom creps,
Custom whip with a custom reg,
Country yard with a rustic set, yeah,
Now that is the life for me it might just be,
The way that I’m riding beats,
Had to beat the hometown rivalries,
It’s nice to see these little boys biting me,
Because these guys see me as a threat,
Go gym lift bare bars in a set,
In a set I lift bars from my chest,
Sow a dark seed and your head is the nest, pure stress


Bringing a different edge with my solar plex,
Keeping schtum I ain’t known to ‘fess,
Tell your wifey give my phone a rest,
She’s on my snapchat posing undressed, and that’s,
Pure stress when I touch down, Warren-D touch down,
Smile turn inna frown, when I come around,
Everybody run fi dem life,
Cah dem nuh war on the mic like I,


Track Name: 1988 [prod. by Optimum Design]
1988 brought into the world,
Mixed race, always a good hit with the girls,
But where do I belong not black not white,
Come to think of it, should I even take sides?
Left hand when I write, right fist when I fight,
Conquering all with one mind on the mic,
From early I had the top in my sight,
And I gotta thank God for showing me the light,
And I gotta move forward,
No awkward life, a free man like Morgan,
I feel it in my organs,
Somethings coming, it’s bait in my recordings,
You're only young once, live for the moment,
Across the seas, transcending the oceans,
Despite all the images of doom,
Above it all, is the fact that we’re human,
A connection we’ve overlooked,
These nations have got us hooked,
On a free life, we don’t know what that is,
Just a daily struggle, handling biz,
The stress and torment of making riches,
Worship the wealthy, buy their pictures,
And the wickedest thing is,
On a daily we worship killers,
No fiction, real facts,
Like how radio won’t play real rap,
The pop star era has been infectious,
Dream for myself, there’ll be no inception,
Spending big p’s on a necklace?
That’s how I know your whole life is a head trip,
Look the day I’m arrested,
That’s when you’ll know freedom of thought has ended.

1988, when this all began,
Hold tight Robert, shout out to Anne,
From when I used to spit with Prov and Dan,
COA, the Alliance was Mad,
Now it’s OD, and Silent Movementz,
Through the scene you can watch us cruising,
Do you get the point now, I aint losing,
Through My Eyes, MMR is a nuisance,
On the mic I’m a kill it,
Can I spread love and still be the illest?
How am I dead broke but still the richest?
Content of a giant, fan base of a midget,
On paper this don’t make sense,
It seems these days, art don’t make pence,
Let alone pounds,
So I’m still around town on the underground,
What’s the basis of living?
Book of life, what are the secrets hidden?
Are there any words that the God’s have written?
Or do I just trust the rich man’s wisdom,
I ain’t saying all we’re fed is lies,
But why are we limited to the skies,
Have to pay for existence on earth,
Soon to be chipped and tracked from birth,
Huh, freedom’s a trip,
I’ll say it again we don’t know what that is,
The social contracts to blame for this,
Lives panned out from the day you exist,
I ain’t trying to be political,
Generally just keep it spiritual,
Keeping the boastie bait talk minimal,
I don’t care if you think I ain’t lyrical,

1988, you know way back when,
Before I’d ever heard of a Maybach Benz,
Before getting lost in the ways of men,
Been reborn, time for payback then,
You can’t hold me down,
No waste man would ever take my crown,
Bun dat talk, rude boy pipe down,
Nothing impure could ever test my sound,
Back again, and I won’t ever leave,
Spreading the love everywhere there’s need,
I'll die on my feet, rather than live on my knees,
It’s time my people were set free,
I can’t live a life like this,
From what I've seen it’s peak for the kids,
As the world turns, it’s deep as it is,
And I've only got limited time on my wrist,
I’m a ride til the end,
Never bin one to touch mic and pretend,
Only for the truth will I send,
Need that talk to stay on the mend,
Away from this broken world,
Broken boys and broken girls,
What happened to long term vision?
This YOLO talk has got us tripping,
If you're born in the trap,
From early you learn how to scrap,
Many many men try learn how to rap,
All with the aim of earning a batch,
Cos we’re taught that money is power,
But are you free when you're paid by the hour?
Look whatever will be, will be,
But let it be known my people will be free.

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